How to create sub-accounts using the "Agent Access" feature

The email address you originally used to create your CRIBFLYER account is the sign-in email for your admin account.

Your admin account can have any number of "Agents" and each of them can be assigned to represent any of the "Properties" in the account.

When signed-in to your admin account you can use the "Agent Access" feature to create sub-accounts for each agent. These sub-accounts have more limited permissions. When these users are signed-in they can only see and edit the properties assigned to them.

To create an agent sub-account, sign-in to CRIBFLYER using the admin account email. Then follow the instructions below.

Click on the "Agents" icon on the far right side-bar menu. Select the desired agent and then click their "Contact Info" link.

Make sure the agent has an email address saved on this screen.

Then click on the "Assigned Properties" link and make sure this agent has at least one property assigned to them.

Next, click on the "CribFlyer Access" link.

From this screen (shown below), select YES to "Allow this agent to sign-in to CRIBFLYER".

Create a password for the agent and then check the box to "Send invite". Leave the "Permissions" at their default settings unless you want to allow the agent to perform some admin functions. Then click "Save Changes" to create the sub-account and send out the invite email. The agent can change the password you created for them after they sign-in for the first time.

The agent will receive an email message with instructions to sign-in to their sub-account.

When the agent signs-in to their sub-account they can only see and edit the properties you assigned to them. They do NOT have access to any account administration features such as viewing/changing your subscription plan, credit card, etc.