Single Property
Real Estate Websites

Launch a property site in minutes. No technical or design skills required.
See how easy it is. Watch our 3-minute demo.

Win More Listings by Word of Mouth

Your clients will love the dedicated website you create to market their property. The listing will look amazing and generate more interest from buyers. Your clients don't need to know how easy it is. CRIBFLYER has all the features you need to quickly and easily launch a single property real estate website.

Beautiful Designs

CribFlyer website design and layout builder
Customize the look of your site with our easy to use design theme builder.
Long desc. Customize the look of your site with our easy to use design theme builder.

Custom Domains

Custom domain names for single property websites.
Add a custom domain name to your property website with an optional SSL certificate .

Visitor Reports

Traffic stats powered by Google Analytics.
Built-in visitor and traffic reports powered by Google Analytics.

Photo Galleries

Upload photos to your single property website.
Upload your photos, add captions, rotate, re-order. Served up fast to any device.

Property Info

Enter property info for your website.
Enter and display property description, price, features, amenities.


Add video to your single property website.
Embed one or more videos on your website from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

3D Tours

Add 3D tours from Matterport,, iGuide, Immoviewer, TruPlace, TourBuzz.

Floor Plans

Interactive floor plan viewer
Add an interactive floor plan viewer to your property website. Upload your floor plans, link photos to rooms and areas.

Neighborhood Info

Add neighborhood or area info to your property website.
Add photos and descriptions of the neighborhoods or areas where your property is located.

360° Panos

Embed a 360° panoramic photo on your website. Click/drag and view the scene from any angle.

Printable Flyers

Create and download beautiful PDF Flyers with just a few clicks in your admin panel.


Powered by Google Maps. Set custom zoom/pan, colors, street view settings, pin marker position.

MLS Version

All sites get an "unbranded" MLS friendly version without agent contact info.

View Settings

Optionally require that visitors enter name, email, phone or an access password to view site.

SMS Text Codes

Pick a phone number in your area code. Buyers who text the number get an instant reply that links back to your website.


Add your agents and all their personal info. Email, Phone numbers, bio, company logo, testimonials, social media.

Assign Agents

Assign one or more agents to represent any property and they will appear on those websites.

Lead Routing

All website contact forms route leads to the assigned agents in real-time via text message and email.


Invite your team to edit their assigned properties. Use permissions to control who can add sites or purchase add-ons.

White Label

Remove CRIBFLYER branding and host listings on your own domain or sub-domain.

Upload Documents

Upload and display documents such as floor plans, inspection reports, etc. PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF.

Open Houses

Schedule and display the dates, start and end times of your open houses.

Slideshow Viewer

All single property sites have a "slideshow view" that loads in a separate window without scroll bars.

SEO Settings

Customize your website's HTML TITLE and META tags to override the defaults.

Pixel Tracking

Add your own Facebook and Google Analytics tracking code.

Share Features

Built-in share features. Send to a friend, post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media Tools

Create beautiful graphics for Instagram and Facebook with just a few clicks.
NO technical or design skills required. CRIBFLYER is way easier than WordPress or Wix and so much simpler than SquareSpace.