Top 10 Reasons why you should create a Single Property Website

  Posted by CRIBFLYER on Nov 20th, 2021 @ 9:28pm PST

We get this question often. Agents call to ask us why they should create a single property website. Here are the top 10 reasons.

1) It can be shared on Facebook and will get visitors from Facebook.

This alone is a good enough reason to create an individual property website. Sure, you can share any page on Facebook but a single property site is tailor made for sharing. It has YOUR contact information and all leads to go YOU. It automatically displays the correct size thumbnail photo and teaser info on Facebook because the software is setup to pull this summary information right into your Facebook feed.

Don't share a Zillow or local MLS listing on Facebook and send your visitors to a page with other distracting properties and competing agents.

2) It's more professional.

A dedicated property website is a more professional way to present a listing. There's room for more high resolution photos and it offers a better user experience to the prospective buyer. It can make an average property look amazing and generate more interest from buyers.

3) Your clients will think you went the extra mile.

It's super easy to create a property website with CribFlyer But your clients don't know that and they'll love it. It's white glove treatment and will be much appreciated. View our demo websites.

4) You can link to it from your email campaigns.

Your single property website is a turn-key landing page for your email campaigns. If you're like most agents you probably have an email list and already send out announcments when you have a new listing.

5) Contact forms will text and email buyer leads instantly.

CribFlyer has built in contact forms that instantly text and email new buyer leads to you. Millennial buyers prefer text and email. Agent contact phone numbers are also displayed prominently on each single property website.

6) Combine your photos, video tours and virtual tours in a single place.

A single property website is on a dedicated page you can share. Complete with all your property information, photos, video and virtual tours in the same place. You don't have to send people to YouTube for the video, Matterport for the tour and the MLS for the photos. Keep it all together. It looks better, is less distracting, and more organized.

7) You can setup a custom domain name.

A custom domain name ( is good branding and easier to remember. Put it on the sign rider and in your print ads. It's the best way to drive offline traffic to your online listing.

8) You can run pay-per-click ads.

For high-end properties we're starting to see agents buy Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Google and Facebook, target buyers by zip code, and send them directly to single property websites. It fairly cheap to run PPC ads when targeting small geographic areas and/or super niche audiences.

9) Use them as a way to win listings.

We've seen agents build single property websites for a property even before they've won the listing. They did it to woo the seller into working with them. If you use the CribFlyer white label domain feature you can do this very cheaply without having to buy a custom domain name for each property. You can buy the domain name later after you've won the business.

10) Exposure.

Keep your single listing sites live as long as you want. Just put a "Sold" banner across the top. Get the residual traffic and exposure for a while. Keep your name and brand circulating.

View live demos of our single property websites.